Our Vision is that The Preventive Medicine Center will be the most sought-after, respected, scientifically based, and life-changing enterprise of its kind in the world. People from all walks of life seek us out because here, they are finally heard, honored, treated with dignity, and most of all healed. As a team of like-minded and inspired people, we are changing the world one life at a time by offering an individualized and personalized approach towards optimizing health so that each life stream may realize its full God-given purpose and potential.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to become the dominant market player in the field of Personalized, Science-Based, Optimal Aging & Lifestyle Medicine. We will be victorious in achieving this mission through the strategy of inspirational education regarding the necessary current paradigm shift of viewing aging as an inevitable process of deterioration and disease towards a view of aging in which optimal health and well-being is not only possible but achievable today.

Harvard Medical School defines personalized medicine as the ability to determine an individual’s unique molecular characteristics, including hormone level analysis and genetic distinctions. Personalized / Individualized Medicine involves the ability to diagnose more finely and precisely an individual’s disease, and then to select treatments that increase the chances of a successful outcome while reducing possible adverse reactions.

Personalized / Individualized Medicine is also the ability to predict an individual’s susceptibility to disease and thus to try to shape steps that may help avoid or reduce the extent to which an individual will experience a disease via lifestyle changes, individualized dosing of bio-identical hormones, micro-biome optimization, and micro-nutrient therapies.

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I encourage you to review all the information contained in this website and then contact us. We will be pleased to discuss our Hormone Replacement Therapy Program and how it might benefit your unique situation. At the Preventive Medicine Clinic, we provide the basics for optimal health and longevity.

We are Palm Springs, CA's hormone doctors. Our team of trained endocrinologists specialize in hormone replacement therapy, so you can start feeling younger today!